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New Chevy Bolt Sales Estimate: 80,000 in the First Year

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The Chevy Bolt EV and the Tesla Model 3 can reasonably be considered close competitors as the first two long-range (over 200 miles), affordable (around $30,000 after the federal tax incentive) electric cars to hit the market.

However, the Chevy Bolt EV has one edge on the Tesla Model 3—it is coming out at least a year before the Model 3, with the latter’s delivery dates stretching long. So, with a large number of preorders already in for the Model 3, part of the Bolt’s advantage will depend on how many vehicles Chevy can sell.

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The volume of Bolts that can be sold in the first year has been debated ever since the initial estimate of 30,000 per year after the car was unveiled back in 2015. However, according to a new estimate from a Kelley Blue Book analyst, that number could be conservative. KBB’s Karl Brauer has suggested that those sales numbers could run all the way up to 80,000 units in the car’s first year.

Brauer’s analysis, he explained, was based on sales of about 46,000 volume-priced electric cars last year, the bulk of which comes from the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, and BMW i3, all of which can’t come close to the Bolt’s electric range.

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“I genuinely believe [the Bolt’s range] will change the perception and willingness to buy an electric car,” Brauer said. He later added that, in private buyers alone, “I think 30,000 is a no-brainer, and 80,000 is possible.”

News Source: Green Car Reports