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New Ford Commercial Showcases F-150’s ‘Pro Backup Trailer Assist’ Tech

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Ford's Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology is the focus of a new commercial narrated by Dennis Leary

A simple turn of the knob is all it takes to operate Ford’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology

As soon as you hear comedian Dennis Leary’s voice, you know there’s a good chance he’s about to start talking about the Ford F-150 and all of its great features.

In one of Ford’s most recent commercials, Leary decided to tell the world about the new Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology that’s available for the 2016 Ford F-150. The technology makes use of advanced camera equipment to make it easier for drivers to be able to reverse their trucks when trying to launch a boat or simply park in their driveways.

Leary describes the new technology as “freakish,” and the commercial shows how Pro Trailer Backup Assist can easily be operated through a control knob that’s mounted on the dashboard. Customers just have to turn the knob right or left to guide the truck and the advanced rearview camera technology will alert the driver of potential obstacles.

Leary makes special note at the end of the commercial, explaining how the Ford F-150 is the only vehicle to feature Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

The 2016 Ford F-150 is the only vehicle to feature Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology

What’s more important, a vehicle’s tech or its exterior color?

Ford engineers tested the Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology for nearly 10 years before making it available to consumers. In addition, Ford has already earned five patents for this technology and has 10 more pending.

Automotive News pointed out that Ford’s decision to run a commercial based entirely on the F-150’s new technology shows the importance that consumers place on a vehicle’s tech features. In a survey performed by Autotrader, it was learned that 77% of car buyers cared about a vehicle’s technology more than its exterior color.

“In-vehicle technology ranks increasingly higher for consumers as they consider must-have and desired features in their car shopping,” said Autotrader Senior Analyst Michelle Krebs. “That puts automakers under intense pressure to anticipate and offer the technologies consumers desire, or they risk losing them to a brand that delivers.”

Video: Ford’s New Commercial

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)