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New Honda Video Details Automaker’s New “Green Path” Initiative

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Marysville Auto Plant Manager Rob May announces the plant's new paint line.

Marysville Auto Plant Manager Rob May announces the facility’s new paint line

Honda’s recently announced $210 million investment in building a more eco-friendly vehicle paint line at its Marysville, Ohio plant is just one of several initiatives that are part of the Japanese automaker’s new “Green Path.”

The company’s new “Green Path” is designed to reduce the use of substances of concern (SOCs) during the research and design of new vehicles, reduce CO2 intensity and water usage in the manufacturing process, cut down on CO2 emissions related to transporting the vehicles, and finally, to encourage more Honda and Acura dealers to join the “Green Dealer” program.

Honda’s holistic approach to becoming greener is laid out in this new video:

“When one thinks about what automakers can do to help the environment, the immediate thought is about improving fuel efficiency and developing alternatives to gasoline,” said Honda Environmental Business Development Office manager Ryan Harty. “We work every day on these issues. But there’s much more automakers can do beyond fuel efficiency to reduce our environmental impact by adopting energy efficiency and renewable energy throughout our operations.”

Honda’s efforts to improve the eco-friendliness of its business in every stage of production—R&D, manufacturing, delivery, and sales—are highlighted in this infographic which the company recently released:

Honda Green Path Infographic