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New Jersey Police Break Up International Luxury Car Theft Ring

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Authorities in New Jersey have announced a scene straight from of the end of Gone in 60 Seconds, as New Jersey police have arrested 22 people for their involvement in an honest-to-goodness international luxury carjacking and stolen car sales ring, recovering 90 stolen vehicles in the process, including Mercedes, BMWs, and Bentleys.

Nicolas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds

We would have said Spoiler Alert, but the first Gone in 60 Seconds came out in 1974

“With the arrest and charges we are announcing we have dismantled this criminal network,” said New Jersey Acting Attorney General John Hoffman. The 22 arrested included members suspected at all levels of the organization, including ringleaders, shippers, high-end fences, a vehicle retagger, street-level fences, and carjackers/thieves/wheel men.

The arrest move, codenamed Operation 17 Corridor, is part of New Jersey’s increased crackdown on auto-theft rings since the death of 30-year-old Dustin Friedland, who was shot and killed in a parking garage when carjackers attempted to steal his Land Rover. Police used undercover officers to infiltrate and identify the ring’s workings and members, as well as more nebulous methods.

“We are staying one step ahead of these criminals with technology and sophisticated investigative techniques,” Hoffman said. He also said that most stolen vehicles were shipped to West Africa, “where these cars will sell for prices in significant excess of their market value in the U.S., sometime two or three times the value.”

News Source: ABC 7 NY