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New Kia Soul EV Receives Rave Reviews From Owners

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2016 Kia Soul EV grille

The Kia Soul EV has received only glowing reviews from real-life owners

While the Soul EV has already gained a ton of recognition throughout the media, the funky electric car has also quickly become popular with its owners. In an interview series with, six Kia Soul EV owners from the United States, Canada, and Europe were asked about their ownership experience with this popular EV.

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While these six owners have extremely varied backgrounds, they had one thing in common—they loved driving the Kia Soul EV.

Listening to industry experts discuss how wonderful a car is, is one thing; hearing the actual owners’ rave reviews is another. Many of the interviewees talked about how much they loved the Soul EV’s quirkiness and fuel efficiency. In fact, Leo from Los Angeles enjoyed the silent, smooth ride of the Soul EV so much that he even went out and bought a hamster costume, so he could dress up like the Kia hamsters.

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The Soul EV will soon be available in four more states, allowing it to make its mark on more consumers in the future. With a starting price as low as $24,450 (after a $7,500 federal tax credit), and an EPA-estimated driving range of 93 miles, it really comes as no surprise that the quirky EV is so popular amongst its owners.

More photos of the 2016 Kia Soul EV:

News Source: Kia World