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New Lansing Stamping Plant Gets $174M Investment

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GM also announces Brazilian Investment

General Motors recently announced a $174 million investment in its all-new Lansing Stamping Plant, a part of the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant. The investment should create or retain about 145 jobs, with the plant ready for work as soon as 2016. GM says that the plant will save approximately $14 million each year in “logistics costs tied to material handling.”

A look inside the Lansing Grand Assembly Plant, which will house the Lansing Stamping Plant

A look inside the Lansing Grand Assembly Plant, which will house the Lansing Stamping Plant ©GM

“This major investment is a vote of confidence in the hard-working membership of UAW Local 652,” commented UAW Vice President, Cindy Estrada, who is in charge of the union’s General Motors Department. “We’re proud of the role we played in helping rebuild Michigan’s economy through collective bargaining and negotiations for investment and jobs in our UAW-represented plants.”

The Lansing Stamping Plant will be responsible for producing stamping components for two families of Cadillac vehicles—the ATS and the CTS—as well as a third future product, likely another Cadillac.

“Lansing Grand River Assembly is known for the high quality of its work and the flexible manufacturing that has been a trademark since it opened,” said GM North America Manufacturing Manager, Christine Sitek. “Today’s announcement demonstrates GM’s commitment to strengthening key plant capabilities related to quality and efficiency.”

To date, and including this investment, General Motors has invested over $530 million in Lansing Grand River since 2009.

GM also recently announced a $2.9 billion (yes, billion) investment in Brazil over the next four years, through 2018. The purpose of the investment is to develop all-new products and technologies and to fund employee training.