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New Mitsubishi Expedition Will Follow Path of Migrating Swans

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Bewick's Swan

The Flight of the Swans Expedition will follow Bewick’s swans as they migrate to the United Kingdom
Photo: Flight of the Swans Facebook

Every year like clockwork, as the sultry summer weather begins to turn towards crisp fall breezes, birds of every shape and size take off and begin to migrate—and Bewick’s swans are no exception. Every autumn, these small white swans take flight from the wintry regions of Siberia and travel to the United Kingdom, where they spend the colder months. This year, these swans will have some unexpected tagalongs to their migration—a group of five Mitsubishi models.

Three Mitsubishi L200s, the brand’s pickup truck, and two Shogun SUVs, which is a model we don’t have here in the United States market, will follow these beautiful swans as they migrate in what is being called the Flight of the Swans Expedition. Traveling from the Arctic Tundra to Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, these five vehicles will be put through their paces as they travel across 11 countries.

Each of the vehicles has received certain modifications from the Mitsubishi Specialist Vehicles Operations Center in Cirencester. These modifications give the vehicles additional power sources to charge equipment, a 240-volt converter, off-road tires, and roof racks. Sacha Dench, Head of Content at Wildfowl & Wetland Trust’s (WWT), will also be flying alongside the swans with a paramotor.

“Flight of the Swans is a major logistical challenge, but I’m so looking forward to it,” said Dench. “Up in the air in my paramotor, I cross some pretty inaccessible terrain, so I’m glad to know I have the support of Mitsubishi and my support team can reach me if I’m grounded unexpectedly. Our Mitsubishis have to be versatile. One minute they could be a media hub, broadcasting live to the internet via satellite. The next, we’ll pull out awnings and turn our camp into a reception venue to share food with local villagers.”

The Flight of the Swans Expedition will last for about ten weeks, beginning in September.