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New Nissan 370Z NISMO Will Be Revealed This Afternoon

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Update: It’s right here, folks.

The day has come at last! Today, America will (or has already begun to) feast their eyes on the first American-made Godzilla film in nearly 30 years—because, as you well know, the year 1998 never happened. Appropriately enough, we are also mere hours away from getting our first look at the revamped cousin of “Godzilla,” a.k.a. the Nissan GT-R. Later this afternoon, we will get our first look at the new Nissan 370Z NISMO, which will debut at 1:00pm this afternoon at ZDAYZ at the Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina.

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ZDAYZ is the annual southeast regional event catering to fans of the Datsun/Nissan Z-cars, Infiniti G, and Nissan GT-R. There, the world will get its first look at the new Nissan 370Z NISMO, which was teased in the photo below:

new Nissan 370Z NISMO teaster

The teaser, of course, leaves much to the imagination (much in the way the first trailer for the new Godzilla film avoids lingering for too long on the titular King of All Monsters), but it’s clear to see that the 370Z NISMO will have a red spoiler lip with blacked-out grille, front wheel arch intake ducts, and tweaked daytime running LEDs.

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Motor Authority reports that the new Nissan 370Z NISMO will be available for sale later this summer, but we haven’t long to wait to see whether that’s true or not. The tarp will drop in a few short hours, and when it does, be sure to check back for the full scoop!