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New OK Go Music Video Features Honda UNI-CUBs, Is Awesome

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OK Go Music Video

OK Go band members ride Honda UNI-CUBs in their new music video

Alternative rock group OK Go has released yet another amazing music video, this time to promote their catchy single “I Won’t Let You Down,” from the album Hungry Ghosts. In addition to remarkable choreography and experimental drone camera work, the new OK Go music video also boasts a whole bunch of Honda UNI-CUB electric unicycles. Take a look:

“I Won’t Let You Down” – OK Go Music Video

Those little motorized stools that everyone in the video is riding around on are Honda UNI-CUBs, which use the same gyroscopic self-balancing technology as Honda’s Asimo robot (although unlike Asimo, these unicycles won’t ruin this nation of ours by forcing the president into pitiful subjugation). The electric unicycles also utilize “omni-directional drive wheel system,” and are steered by the driver shifting his or her body weight (which, of course, made them perfect for OK Go’s choreographed dance moves).

OK Go Music Video

Busby Berkeley-style choreography on display in the OK Go music video for “I Won’t Let You Down”

Billboard reports that the video was directed by filmmaker Morihiro Harano, who shot the entire thing in one continuous take (after about 50 or 60 attempts at getting it just right). The aerial shots of thousands of extras using umbrellas to create pixilated art were accomplished with a camera attached to a drone, which also captured that cool ending shot of the city of Tokyo (the video was filmed in a warehouse in Chiba, approximately 45 minutes outside of the Japanese capital).

OK Go Music Video

Eat your heart out, Ohio State marching band: the new OK Go music video features thousands of extras creating pixilated art

The UNI-CUBs were provided by Honda, who also paid for the video. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the band’s music, you owe it to yourself to watch this remarkable video (and if you really can’t stand the earworm tune, at least watch it on mute).