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Next Future Transportation to Test its NX1 Autonomous Electric Pods

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autonomous pods

Next Future Transportation just unveiled the world’s first autonomous pods
Photo: Eu Reporter

California-based company, Next Future Transportation, has just announced that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will start testing its NX1 autonomous electric pod vehicles. The pod vehicles are a hybrid between a car, bus, and train.

Each vehicle measures 9.4 feet long and 7.3 feet wide, weighs 3,300 pounds, and has the capacity to carry up to 10 people. It’s top speed is 12.5 mph, which is slow, but considering how eco-friendly the technology is, it’s still an exciting contribution to the green vehicle industry.

Next Future Transportation claimed the pods work best for short- to medium-length trips. They claim the battery delivers approximately three hours of performance and takes six hours to recharge.

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The pods are rigged with sensors and cameras which work together to ensure passenger safety. The pods can also couple and uncouple to each other, thanks to electromechanical linking devices.

RTA signed an agreement with the company to test and help tweak the pods. The former’s goal is to use the pods as a stepping stone to the overall goal of making 25% of Dubai’s trips autonomous by 2030.

If all goes well, hopefully these autonomous pods could be implemented in additional countries, as well as in the U.S. That’s good news for anyone who regularly uses public transportation that would prefer a more green vehicle options than conventional rideshare vehicles, buses, and trains use.

We await more details about the Next Future Transportation autonomous pods as they undergo their testing phase.

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News Source: Green Car Reports