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Next-Generation Chevy Volt Charging System Sees Big Changes

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Despite the fact that Volts have the gasoline range extender, most Volt drivers tend to rely on the electric power only. In fact, the US Department of Energy reported that more than 80% of Volt trips consist of nothing but electric power.

Next-Generation Chevy Volt Charging System

The next-generation Chevy Volt charging system uses indicators to signal different phases of charging.

Since the electric driving is so important to drivers of the Volt, Chevy plans to up the ante this January in Detroit, where it will debut the next-generation Chevy Volt charging system (on the next-generation Chevy Volt, of course) at the North American International Auto Show. This updated charging system is more customer-focused with a few new features that will make recharging even easier than before.

For instance, the next-gen Volt will utilize GPS location-based charging. This means that drivers can set a “home” destination, and whenever their Volt is hooked up to charge at “home,” it will charge according to predetermined settings, like charging level and charging time. By charging time, we mean that drivers can actually choose to have the Volt charge as soon as it’s hooked up, at a set departure time, or even during non-peak hours for electricity rates.

The next-generation Chevy Volt charging system also benefits from more intuitive charge status indicators, which use tones and flashes to signify the Volt’s charging progress and completion. In addition, Chevy added a 120V portable cord set, which includes a cord that is almost 25 feet in length. This cord can be locked so that random passersby can’t remove the cord during the charging process—a big charging no-no, as detailed in number 8 of GM’s workplace charging tips. Chevy also added a storage bin for the cord on the left side of the rear cargo area in the Volt.

Don’t miss the all-new Chevy Volt in Detroit next year.