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#NISMOMashup Smooshes Together Nissans to Make Concepts

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So far, the #NISMOMashup is a beautiful thing

We’ll be objective here: the products that Nissan is trotting out for its #NISMOMashup look extremely badass, but they are completely unlikely to ever bear fruit.

With that being said, we’re still going to show you the first two creations tweeted by Nissan Motorsports and we’re going to tell you that we want both of these to actually be things.

#NISMOMashup: Sentra + 370Z

#NISMOMashup: GT-R + Maxima

We’d take the Sentra/370Z over the GT-R/Maxima, but we wouldn’t be terribly opposed if someone at NISMO just threw their hands up (preferably while holding papers for dramatic effect) and said “screw it, we’ll make them.”

Keep this thing going, Nissan. There’s a lot fun to be had here. How about a JUKE + cube mashup?  A LEAF + Murano CrossCab? A Note + Frontier? Seriously, let’s get nuts with this thing.