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Nissan Adds New Art To Headquarters

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“Wheels of Innovation” at Nissan HQThe headquarters of a business, especially a large global one, should be as impressive as possible. When you are bringing in potential partners, clients, or vendors, a well-decorated and maintained headquarters will give off the impression that your company is professional, organized, and ready to work. While smaller businesses can achieve this with nice furniture and a dose of interior design know-how, a big company like Nissan needs to work a little bit harder. That is why it elected to have a new piece of art placed in its global headquarters called “Wheels of Innovation.”

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Nissan Chairman of the Board and head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance Carlos Ghosn and Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Hiroto Saikawa attended the unveiling of the piece with other company executives. “Wheels of Innovation” is a sculpture that stands five meters, or about 16.4 feet, tall and is made of steel. Nadim Karam is the Lebanese artist behind the creation and he clearly worked closely with the company when creating the piece, as the five circular discs in the piece represent the five “wheels” that drive Nissan’s growth. The discs stand for globalization, challenge, sustainability, diversity, and alliance. You can see several of the themes portrayed in the metal. For example, the sustainability disk clearly shows plants growing around the edges.

“The power of Nissan has always and will always come from inside,” said Carlos Ghosn.  “The Wheels of Innovations stands here as an external symbol of what that power can achieve.”

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To see the piece of art from all different angles, take a look at the video released by Nissan.