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Nissan and BMW Partner for EV Charging

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Nissan LEAF and BMW i3

Nissan and BMW are both powerhouses in the EV market. The Nissan LEAF is one of the first EVs to really be a force in the market, and the BMW i Series takes electric cars to the next level of luxury and design with the i3 and sporty i8. While the  two companies might be in competition for customer’s hearts, they are planning on working together to make electric cars a more realistic option for America’s drivers.

The two automakers are pooling their resources together to build DC fast charging stations in 19 states. Once the partnership is complete, 120 new charging stations will be available to serve EV drivers. While the electric range of BMW and Nissan’s EVs are more than enough for in-city driving, more public charging stations will help EVs become a viable option for drivers with longer commutes or traveling far from home.

The new EV charging stations will be in the state of Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Minnesota, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, and California. According to the two manufacturers, their popular EVs will be able to charge 80% of their battery in about 20-30 minutes at the quick charger, instead of waiting much longer at a charger with lower voltage.

ConnectedDrive in the BMW vehicles and the Nissan EZ-Charge smartphone app will help drivers locate the new stations when they are opened. This project also adds to the stations BMW is creating on the east and west coasts in partnership with ChargePoint.