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Nissan Cars Take Soccer To The Next Level

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UEFA Champions League Nissan Soccer

The UEFA Champions League is kind of a big deal. Well, it’s a big deal outside of the United States. The huge football (soccer to us Americans) championship is held every year to determine which football club in Europe is the best in the sport. True international car maker Nissan is proud to be the automotive sponsor of the intense set of games, and to celebrate it has staged the ultimate matchup: Nissan v. Nissan in a game of automotive football.

Check out the intricate dance of these vehicles as they compete in a football match, and try not to hold your breath for too long after watching several collisions almost happen.

As you can see, everything about the game was done right. According to Nissan, “The innovative encounter was a faithful recreation of an official UEFA Champions League match with lineups presentation, referee, opening ceremony, halftime and closing-time. All League elements were present, including singing UEFA’s anthem and greetings between competitors.” Each team had four Nissan vehicles on their side: The Nissan NP300 Frontier, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Quashqai, and Nissan March.

Professional drivers were behind the wheels of the vehicles, hence why there were no collisions, but each of the five vehicles on each team had a star former footballer from Latin America as a copilot. Legends such as Quique Wolff, Fabian Vargas, Jorge “Patrón” Bermudez, and Claudio Bustíos were just some of the names in the passenger seat.

For those keeping score, the team of White Nissans rolled away with the hard-won victory.