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Nissan Creates Eclipse Art

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Total eclipse of the artThe headquarters of Nissan North America is in Franklin, Tennessee, a few miles away from the bustling hub of Nashville. In case you totally missed the massive news coverage, the United States experienced a solar eclipse this week and Nashville was in the path of totality, where the sun was completely covered. Nissan decided to celebrate the occasion by creating a piece of art on its front lawn that was touted as a “total eclipse of the art.”

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The lawn mural was created by Nashville artist Chris Zidak to cover more than 90,000 square feet and it was painted in about 36 hours. It depicts the eclipsed sun with 209 rays of sun peeking out around it, as well as two crescent moons, the Nissan logo, and the date of the eclipse. When the eclipse actually rolled into Tennessee, hundreds of headquarters employees armed with eclipse glasses stood in the artwork to complete it.

Zidak needed 70 gallons of water-diluted lawn paint to create this lawn masterpiece, and the paint was chosen for its environmental friendliness in keeping with Nissan’s commitment to going green. He also used his knowledge of sacred geometry to create the imagery and had help from land surveyors to get the sizing just right. If Zidak’s name or artwork looks familiar, it is because he is part of the local Nashville Walls Project.

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All in all, this mural looks really cool.* It was certainly a unique way to commemorate this month’s big solar event.

*Even if the Nissan logo at the bottom is a tad crooked.It was hard not to notice.