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Nissan Customer Focus Means More Satisfaction for Customers

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If you’ve spent 10 seconds in the world of retail, you know that the customer’s always right—even when they’re wrong. Customer satisfaction is key to being successful, so it’s no wonder that the Nissan customer focus has led to high satisfaction scores among customers.

Nissan Customer Focus

Nissan Customer Focus


According to the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) study released this week, Nissan is ranked 10th in sales satisfaction out of mass market brands. This ranking is a significant improvement over the automaker’s previous score, rising 16 index points and four positions and marking the third year in a row that Nissan has made a gain in the study.  Nissan has notched a cumulative growth of 63 index points over the three year time period.

“In order to meet our growth targets in the U.S., it is imperative that Nissan and our dealers offer both great vehicles and a great experience for our customers,” said Leon Dorssers, Nissan’s chief customer office and vice president of Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development. “Our rapid improvements in the J.D. Power SSI Study show that our efforts to that end are paying off, and we remain fully committed to becoming one of the industry leaders.”

The J.D. Power SSI study, which is an annual study, analyzes the new-vehicle purchase experience and measures customer satisfaction throughout the shopping and buying process.  With Nissan, customer focus and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, and the results speak for themselves.