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Ferrari Kills Purrari, Nissan Gives Deadmau5 GT-R

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Deadmau5 GT-RIt’s not been a great couple of weeks for the Ferrari brand, culminating with a skirmish between Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne and Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo that resulted in the latter tendering his resignation after 23 years with the brand. Because Ferrari also apparently doesn’t understand what it means to build up goodwill with its customers and admirers, it targeted one of the most visible Ferrari owners and told him to stop enjoying his 458 Italia the way he preferred. That Ferrari owner is Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman), who dressed up his 458 in a vinyl wrap depicting the Nyan cat internet meme and dubbed it the Purrari.

The Purrari

The Purrari
Photo: Theron Lane

Unfortunately, the lawyers at Ferrari didn’t take too kindly to Deadmau5’s customized ride and sent him a “cease and desist” letter. Deadmus attributes the legal threat to “butthurt.”

Deadmau5 opted to revert the Purrari back to its natural, boring state. Of course, it’s a Ferrari, so calling it boring is kind of like calling a back-to-back-to-back viewing of The Hobbit film trilogy a quick watch.

Nissan, ever the opportunists, sent Deadmau5 a tweet on September 3, offering him a suitable replacement for the Purrari: a Nyan cat wrapped GT-R.

Hey @deadmau5, heard what happened to your car. Good news? We found a replacement, ready right meow. #GTR

— Nissan (@Nissan) September 3, 2014

The tweet, which has since been deleted (perhaps due to threats from “butthurt” lawyers), offered up a picture of a GT-R with a ‘shopped-on Nyan cat livery.

Deadmau5 GT-R

Yeah, now we have that stupid thing stuck in our head

Then, because Nissan’s front office doesn’t want you to think it is comprised of squabbling douches, it sent Deadmau5 a GT-R loaner all his own. Granted, the Deadmau5 GT-R isn’t decked out in any sort of livery yet, but the DJ definitely wasn’t calling it vanilla.

We’re eager to see what old internet meme the DJ plans on wrapping this badass sports car in. Maybe he could just make it the unofficial vehicle of Reddit and dub it the Nissan GT/r/.