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Nissan Helps South Africa’s Rhinos

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Nissan Patrol comes to rhinos’ rescue in South AfricaWhen Nissan does good work in the United States, it’s usually through an organization like Habitat for Humanity, creating scholarship funds, and donating to other deserving programs through the Nissan Foundation. For Nissan’s South African division, projects are a bit bigger. About as big as a rhino, we would say.

Nissan SA is just as dedicated to help the country it works in as Nissan North America. That’s why the manufacturer is dedicating itself to the plight of the country’s at-risk South African black and white rhino population. At first, Nissan contributed to a program at the Pilanesberg National Park to notch the ears of some rhinos for identification purposes. The company’s latest step is to help the group of rangers who patrol the park, which is more than 550 square kilometers. Nissan has provided a Nissan Patrol 4×4, similar to America’s Nissan Titan, to make covering the park’s rugged terrain to look for poachers and other threats easier than ever.

The Japanese automaker was convinced they needed to make a bigger and better contribution to the efforts to save these endangered species when they attended the event where the rhinos were marked and had DNA samples collected. They were so impressed by the staff’s dedication and their devotion to their task and purpose that Nissan knew a bigger gesture was needed to really help out.

Johnson Maoka, the Pilanesberg National Park’s manager, accepted the truck gratefully and said, “The Nissan Patrol’s size, power and commanding visual presence – features of the very species it will play a role in protecting – will motivate our anti-poaching unit and send a strong message to poachers that we will not give up on efforts to stop them.” We hope that this vehicle really makes a difference.