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Nissan Israel Commercial Features Diverse Families

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A new Nissan commercial is making some waves, and not for cutting-edge engineering. Instead of making headlines because it has a loud slur against the competition, or because it revealed a redesigned model, this ad for the humble Nissan Sentra is catching everyone’s attention because of the families it features.

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The ad, part of the “Put Your Family In The Sentra” campaign (say it out loud and it sounds a bit like you’re saying “Put your family in the center” in a British accent), starts with a little, English-speaking girl. She asks the camera “Who’s to say what family is?” The shot then pulls away from her to see a “traditional” family with two daughters, a mom, a dad, a son, and a dog. Simple enough, right?

The ad then continues, with the girl asking why a family can’t have two mothers or fathers, and each suggestion changes the picture onscreen to create the family she’s speaking about. After the hypothetical situations, the girl says that she actually has two families (probably because of divorce), and holds the hand of her father, standing with an all-white family, and her mother, who is part of an interracial family. She then says that she’s okay with her two families, because they live and love together. According to her, the rest doesn’t matter, as long as you “put your family in the center”.

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Take a look at the commercial and judge it for yourself.

The ad was put on YouTube in Israel on September 11th, and some of the comments on the video remind me of the uproar over the interracial couple featured in Cheerios’ Super Bowl commercial a few years ago. It’s hard to tell, though, if the commenters are more upset by the race of the actors involved, as Israel is pretty divided over race and religion, or because of the gay couples featured at the beginning of the ad. We just think this girl is very adorable, and her message is a good one to consider, no matter your sexual orientation.

News Source: Washington Blade