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Nissan Keeps It Green

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2015 Nissan LEAF overview

As the manufacturer of one of the most popular EVs in the world, Nissan makes sure to do what it can to be environmentally friendly. The brand published its sustainability report today, and it is very proud of its positive results.

The biggest figure Nissan is showing off to the world is the fact that the company managed to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 22.4% over the past decade. This has been done by producing vehicles that have lower emissions (or none at all, in the case of the Nissan LEAF), increasing efficiency at its manufacturing facilities, and making design changes in production.

Besides carbon dioxide, Nissan is very cognizant of other natural resources and making sure that they are used properly. The Nissan Energy Saving Collaboration (NESCO) has been hard at work measuring energy losses at every Nissan location and determining ways to optimize how they operate. Resource NESCO, founded last year, has also been examining every Nissan location to look at how they conserve water and use recycled materials.

In the UK, Nissan has also installed about 19,000 solar panels at the Sunderland plant to generate electricity with the 10 wind turbines it already has. These alternate energy sources alone are enough to make 31,000 vehicles each year. Nissan’s Japanese facilities have been changing their methods to double alternative energy use.

Nissan is very proud of its efforts, but is also committed to further lowering its carbon dioxide emissions. Besides implementing changes at its plants, the brand has big plans for the future. Many of them focus on making EVs a good car choice no matter where you live, by supplying easier access to charging stations and working to find financial incentives to make the switch. Nissan is truly walking the walk, not just talking the talk.