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Nissan LEAF Sales Milestone Celebrated with Customer Stories

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Nissan Leaf Infographic

The Nissan LEAF has officially entered the crowd of the “cool kids,” after being named the best-selling electric vehicle ever when it reached a new sales record this week. With a total of more than 100,000 vehicles sold globally, almost 50,000 of which were sold in the U.S., LEAF owners in 35 countries have saved more than $28 million in gasoline costs, taking “going green” to the next level.

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To celebrate this LEAF sales milestone, Nissan has launched a new digital program called “Real Owners. Real Answers.” The program gives current LEAF owners the opportunity to share their own stories about their all-electric car on the LEAF website. Though this campaign just began, it already features more than 500 quotes, 200 images, and some original video footage that answer questions potential buyers might have about the LEAF, such as “What’s the longest trip you’ve ever taken?” and “How much money have you saved?”

With this new LEAF sales milestone and a LEAF car finally reaching 100,000 on the odometer, it’s been an exciting year for the all-electric car, making us wonder, what’s next for Nissan?

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