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Nissan LEAF Twitter Account Takes Shot at Tesla’s New Jersey Woes

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The people in charge of the Nissan LEAF Twitter account figured they'd take a pointed stab at Tesla in light of their New Jersey woes. Not cool, brah.

The Tesla Motor Company is still reeling from last week’s news that New Jersey would be banning sales of their vehicles effective April 1. On Friday, Elon Musk took to his blog to reassure the people of New Jersey that they would still be able to order Tesla vehicles directly from the website and to encourage them to write their local congressperson. Some companies sympathize with Tesla’s plight, though most automakers are breathing a sign of relief. Nissan is one of those companies that is exhaling loudly and over-exaggeratedly wiping sweat from their brow, and now they feel that the time is opportune to kick a brother while they’re down. Nissan does not care about your pain, Tesla. This is precisely why the Nissan LEAF Twitter account tweeted (and quickly deleted) the following picture, clearly aimed at the little startup that could:

Nissan LEAF Twitter Account

Somebody call in Waylon Smithers, because we’ve got sick burns here.

@NissanLeaf tweeted out the picture with the accompanying text: “It’s okay #NewJersey, you can still #GoElectric with the #NissanLEAF #EV.” Oh, Nissan, where will it end? EV-on-EV crime is no joke.

According to AutoblogGreen, Nissan senior specialist of social communications Rob Robinson told them that the tweet “was not a tweet that was reviewed or approved by Nissan. We saw it and asked them to take it down.”

And it’s a good thing we did, because the Nissan LEAF Twitter account has thankfully been restored to a feed full of the comfortably hum-drum, milquetoast stuff you can come to expect from one of the most boring cars in the world.


Perhaps @TeslaMotors could reply to the above tweet with something to the effect of: “The same thing we call every @NissanLEAF: ugly-looking #spittingfire #noemissions #nomercy”

Is this an even lamer attempt to start a public Twitter fight than that one time Frankie Muniz and Shia LaBeouf had a slap fight on the internet? Let me know what you think the most embarrassing public feud of all time is in the comments below.