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Nissan LEAF Volcano Trip Highlights Regenerative Braking

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Nissan LEAF Volcano

A Maui resident took his Nissan LEAF up a volcano and back on one charge.

Electric driving, while full of many perks, has some drawbacks that a fair amount of consumers aren’t ready to face quite yet. The most prominent of these drawbacks is range anxiety, the fear that there might not be quite enough power to get a driver from point A to point B. Nissan, however, is looking to quell those concerns and made an impressive go at it with the recent Nissan LEAF volcano video that takes a Nissan LEAF atop a volcano in Maui and back down—all on one charge.

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The video, which could be enjoyed solely for the stunning scenery, follows Neil Wagner and his LEAF as they head out in the dark to climb up the volcano in Haleakalā National Park to catch the sunrise. Wagner takes the LEAF up over 10,000 feet on one charge and gets dangerously close to critical limits. At the top of the volcano, the LEAF’s battery reaches just 16 percent—and he’s such a far way away from home.

Nissan LEAF Volcano

After summiting and with little battery left in his Nissan LEAF, Wagner takes in the amazing view.

That’s where things get interesting, however. Wagner is actually able to gain back a fair amount of energy as he travels down the volcano, using regenerative braking. As the commercial puts it, “it’s a process of give and take.”

Nissan LEAF Volcano

The trip down Mt. Haleakalā provided enough charge for Wagner to make it back home and then some.

Check out the exciting Nissan LEAF volcano adventure in the video below (and spend the rest of the day wishing you were in Maui):

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