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Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23 Takes SEMA Bow

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Nissan 370Z Project Clubsport 23The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show is going on now in Las Vegas, which is all about aftermarket parts to make a production vehicle cooler than ever. The original car manufacturers do not make a lot of the parts represented at the show, but several of the large auto brands are on-site to show off their own accessories and upgrades. Nissan pulled up to SEMA Show with a full booth of cars, but the one really turning heads is the Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23.

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If you aren’t paying attention, the Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23 project car looks like a standard Nissan 370Z. However, it’s actually a subtle combination of custom, Nissan, and aftermarket parts that are ready to take to a track. Nissan Motorsports and MA Motorsports worked together to create this advanced vehicle never intended to join the ho-hum world of street driving.

Many of the parts come recommended by use in these professional motorsport outfits, and Nissan cautions that recreating the Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23 might not be possible thanks to the ever-changing parts for sale as technology develops. Instead, the car should be an inspiration for other Nissan drivers to take their vehicles to the next level. The project didn’t start with the latest Nissan model either – its base is a 2012 Nissan 370Z NISMO equipped with a new 3.0-liter VR30DDTT twin-turbo V6 engine that achieves 400 horsepower.

Besides a new engine, the Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23 has an AMS Cold Air Intake Kit, Z1 Motorsports blow-off valves, and a custom exhaust system built by MA Motorsports. NISMO-branded RAYS cast aluminum-alloy 18×10.5-inch wheels and Hankook RS4 285/35R18 high-performance tires replaced the vehicles standard wheels. It also has a set of pre-release NISMO HC Street/Track brake pads and other brake parts to make slowing this performance car easier.

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While the Nissan Motorsports Project Clubsport 23 isn’t on sale to the public, if there is enough interest in the project car it’s possible that there will be a kit released for owners to create their own versions. We’ll see if Nissan gets the hype it wants from this special vehicle.