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Nissan Offers New Service to Employees: Breast Milk Delivery

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New breast milk shipping program helps Nissan parents

Being a new mom is hard, but being a new working mom can be even harder. This is especially true if moms choose to breastfeed their baby and need to travel for their jobs. Nissan is taking a big step forward to help its team members that work and travel in the U.S. and Canada by partnering with company Milk Stork to ship breast milk from a working mom to her baby.

According to Nissan, it is the first automotive company to offer this service to its employees, and it is committed to covering all of the costs as a benefit for new moms. Before a new mom goes on a work trip, Milk Stork sends packing materials and a pharmaceutical-grade cooler so she is prepared. Once she arrives at her destination, she sticks to her pumping schedule as usual. When she is ready to ship her milk home to her baby, she activates a mechanism in the cooler that keeps it chilled for up to 72 hours and drops it off at FedEx or her hotel’s front desk to for shipping overnight to her hungry child.

New moms returning to work have an added stress of managing their work-life balance.” said Michelle Baron, vice president of Human Resources for Nissan North America. “The breast milk shipping program allows Nissan to support mothers in this stage of life and alleviate some of their worries.”

Nissan’s partnership with Milk Stork came from a suggestion from the company’s Nissan Alliance of Parents. Other recent initiatives the company has taken on to support new parents include improved mothers’ pumping rooms in its facilities, the expectant parent Nissan’s Healthy Maternity Management Program, “Welcome back kits” for new parents, and expectant mother parking passes.

It is awesome to see Nissan take action like this for its employees, especially in a country sometimes criticized for maternity care. We hope other companies will do the same.