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Nissan ProPILOT Assist Coming to America

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Nissan ProPilotThere have been various degrees of autonomous driving features introduced in recent vehicles, like lane-keeping systems and the semi-autonomous drive mode from Tesla. Nissan announced this month that it will bring its own brand of self-driving technology to market called Nissan ProPILOT Assist.

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Nissan ProPILOT Assist made its debut at the Nissan Technical Center North America in Michigan, and the technology takes what has been developed by the automaker in the quest for completely autonomous driving and adapted it to current driving conditions and US driving regulations. The system is part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility initiative and can maintain lane control and a set speed all while ensuring that there is enough space between the Nissan and the cars around it. Drivers in congested metropolitan areas (or just people who hate traffic) will appreciate that a car equipped with Nissan ProPILOT Assist can also navigate stop-and-go traffic on the highway when things get congested.

This system is meant for single-lane highway driving, and Nissan hopes to have the capability to provide multi-lane driving assistance within two years. A big step from the highway is Nissan’s goal of guided city driving within four years and the ultimate goal of total autonomy and no fatalities on the road.

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While what Nissan is offering is not the first to hit U.S. roads, it is from a brand that is far more affordable than some of the others that have offered it in the past. We look forward to seeing what vehicles will receive the equipment later this year.