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Nissan’s New Ad Campaign Is Big on the Cool Factor

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Nissan Take On Commercials

Nissan’s cars are very cool, but not everyone knows that. To be fair, some of the older models were somewhat generic, but as the years have gone on the cars have gained a new, bold look. The new exteriors help to promote the powerful engines and great features that Nissan vehicles have had all along. To makes sure that everyone knows how awesome its cars really are, Nissan went above and beyond for its latest ad campaign.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Nissan was so committed to having better commercials that it brought together about 40 advertising pros from four major agencies. Not just for a meeting, either. No, Nissan made them work together for two weeks to come up with the campaign, called “Take On.”

Each commercial shows how a Nissan vehicle can “Take On” different driving conditions. For the Nissan Maxima, it can take on the unseen, by highlighting the blind spot warning system of the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield. The Nissan Rogue, equipped with Nissan Intuitive All-Wheel Drive, is ready to take on any road. Finally, the Nissan Altima is ready to take on the unexpected with forward emergency braking, also part of the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield.

In all of the videos, the Nissan vehicle is a hero, taking on difficult road conditions with style and poise. These three ads will eventually be in a family of eight, and the first one first hit the small screen during the NBA Finals. The commercials will continue to show the vehicles dealing with any driving difficulties. While these ads focus on things that happen to the car and driver, future ads will talk about how cars can help solve a driver’s problems, like running late.

The ad agencies hope that the new ads will go far in establishing the identity of the Nissan brand and move the automaker towards its goal of a 10% market share in the US.

News Source: The Detroit Free Press