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Nissan’s Scoot Quad Begins Testing

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Nissan Scoot Quad


Car sharing fleets are starting to pop up in major cities across the world. Owning a vehicle in heavily populated areas can be quite expensive, and sometimes it is easier to just rely on public transportation. Fleets from groups like car2go provide options for these city dwellers when a car is either necessary or more convenient. We reported in October that Nissan decided to test the waters for a car sharing vehicle of their own. We can now report that the concept vehicle has successfully begun its trial period in California.

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The vehicle, called a Scoot Quad, has been added to the Scoot Fleet, which services San Francisco and specializes in small electric vehicles (which are pretty much scooters). The tiny car will not be available for consumer purchases, and features an open cabin and smartphone dock. The Scoot Quad, officially called the Nissan New Mobility Concept, is based on the Renault Twizy. The Twizy is taking car-sharing by storm in Europe, so it only makes sense for it to be given a trial run in the US.

According to AutoBlog reviewer Jeff Jablansky, the Scoot Quad can achieve up to 50 mph, but due to US low-speed vehicle requirements, a governor limits speed to 25 mph. Quite frankly, the fact that a car as small as the Quad might not be fast enough to keep up with traffic is terrifying. The tiny Scoot Quad supposedly has room for two riders, with the non-driving person being forced into a small seat behind the driver. To the casual observer, the vehicle looks more like a golf cart when approaching it, or like the early EVs produced by Global Electric Motorcars. Jablansky’s review is also peppered with harrowing experiences where he wonders if the Scoot Quad can actually make it up the steep San Francisco hills.

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If you’re in the San Francisco area, register for Scoot and test drive the Scoot Quad for yourself. Just be aware that any new driver to Scoot must pass an exam before getting behind the wheel of one of these new vehicles.

News Source: AutoBlog