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B’day, Mate: No Ford Bronco for Australia

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Ford Bronco sheet | No Ford Bronco for Australia

No Ford Bronco for Australia? That’s what CEO Kay Hart says

One rumor that sprang up prior to the official announcement of the Ford Bronco’s return was that it was already undergoing production testing in Australia, which one might presume would mean that the Bronco would have its day in the Outback. According to Ford Australia and New Zealand President and CEO Kay Hart, neither the Bronco nor its smaller relative, the tentatively dubbed “Baby Bronco,” are bound for the land Down Under.

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Hart told this week that “There’s nothing to announce. There are currently no plans in place for right-hand drive Bronco,” when asked about the SUV’s future at a launch event for the new Focus and Endura. A far cry from the typical hemming and hawing of not wanting to reveal future production plans, Hart’s answer was blunt and rather decisive.

Still, asked for further clarification with respect to the Bronco and the compact performance SUV that was confirmed by Ford earlier this year. Her response was somehow even blunter and more decisive: “Not currently.”

The Bronco, like the upcoming Ranger, is based upon the T6 architecture developed in Australia. Hart did open up a bit more in saying that Ford doesn’t feel the need to bring back the Bronco because of the success of the Ranger in Australia. Still, there is the potential that Ford will change its mind and add the Bronco somewhere down the line.

“Not all vehicles are right-hand drive, but SUV is clearly a big market here, which means we’re always looking for opportunities in terms of SUVs,” said Hart.

Now that’s the ambiguity we love!

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