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Nostalgia Alert: There is a BMW Transformer

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This headline is not a joke, there really is a Transformer out there that you can own. It started its life as a BMW 3 Series vehicle (which is already impressive), and then a team of engineers at research company Letrons took the vehicle and made it into every kid’s dream. The best part of this Transformer, though, has to be that it is still a drivable BMW vehicle.

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4 technicians and 12 engineers in Turkey were the main group of people who worked on the project. The Transformer has a pretty great list of features, including a moving head and neck, wrist action, kinetic fingers, fog, led LCD, and dynamic lights. The Transformer also boasts Wi-Fi technology and features that let it interact with users and speak (although in the sample video, it does not seem to be speaking in English).

As if this BMW Transformer isn’t cool enough, it can still drive via a remote control system that guides the vehicle along. It doesn’t look as if it could carry a passenger, though, and it is most definitely not street legal.

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According to CNN Tech, the giant remote control toy is being auctioned off in an Abu Dhabi auction, and it will cost at least $600,000 just to make a bid. Appropriately enough, the Transformer is hitting the auction block after its appearance at the Big Boy Toys exhibition, since clearly no child will ever be able to afford this larger-than-life figure.  If you don’t have that type of cash on hand now, you will be happy to know that Letrons hopes that this BMW is the first in a series of 12 transforming vehicles, with the other 11 vehicles currently still in the research and development phase. Start saving now, because you never know how far the price will rise after this model.

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