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Not-So-Good Samaritan Steals from Crash Victim

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Wow, here’s something to really make you shake your head and cluck your tongue: an Irving, Texas woman said that a man posing as a good Samaritan after her horrific car crash actually stole her wallet and drove off, leaving her stranded by the side of the highway.


It all started on Sunday, September 27th, just after 7am. Kimberly Smith was driving on Highway 114 when a car cut her off and she swerved. The turn was apparently too hard, as Smith’s car flipped, tumbling two further times before coming to rest in the grass beside the highway. Smith was miraculously ok, only suffering some cuts and bruises. She was shortly able to crawl out of the car, and that’s when a man walked up (herein known as the Bad Samaritan).

Car thief

For some reason, we imagine him with a ski mask

The Bad Samaritan asked if she was ok. She just asked him to call 911, but BS claimed to have no cell phone. After a short search for Smith’s phone, though, BS brought her purse to her, and said that he was going to run to his car to see if he couldn’t find his phone. Smith asked him not to go.

“He assured me that he wasn’t going anywhere, so I went back to my car and continued looking, and when I came out of my car he had left,” she said.

After a time spent marveling at the huge asshat move BS had just pulled, another stranger (a good one this time) pulled over and called 911. When police arrived, they asked for her license and insurance, and that was when Smith realized the penultimate asshat move: BS had stolen her wallet, including her license, Social Security card, and $80.

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He did what? Really?

Smith is both angry at and feels sorry for the thief, as things must be really bad to steal from someone who has just had a car accident.

“I want people to find him and I also want people to know that it’s important to stop and help people,” Smith said. “To actually help people.”

News Source: KHOU