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Not Surprisingly, Mazda Further Delays Releasing Diesel Models in US

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SKYACTIV-D Diesel Engine

Nope, sorry – the US market won’t be seeing this engine for a while, still

In today’s category of “No, really? You think?” news, Mazda’s managing executive officer in charge of research and development and cost innovation Kiyoshi Fujiwara has said that, although Mazda hasn’t given up on bringing diesel-engine cars to the US market, the still-ongoing Volkswagen diesel scandal will cause that release, originally planned for 2016, to be delayed.

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This delay is due to the likely event that regulators will be adding extra steps to emissions and fuel-economy tests, according to Fujiwara.

“We’re committed to launching diesel-fueled cars in the United States,” he said. “There is no doubt about that.” However, he added that tougher testing “will cause a delay in plans for everybody looking to sell diesel cars in the U.S. market. That’s why we cannot say when we are going to be able to launch our diesel cars in the U.S. market at this point.”

Unfortunately, then, Mazda believes that, although regulators have not notified the company of any changes, that this change is unavoidable, and so is the delay.

“They no longer trust companies and are not telling us anything,” Fujiwara said. “Most likely there is a delay. We just don’t know how big a delay it is going to be.”

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News Source: Reuters