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Ohio Decides to Eliminate Its Front License Plate Requirement

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Ohio is eliminating the need for a front license plate
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Since 1908, the state of Ohio has required drivers to install a front license plate on their vehicles. Starting next year, that is all about to change.

Governor Mike DeWine recently signed a new transportation bill for the state of Ohio. Among the provisions in this bill was the elimination of a front license plate requirement for the state.

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Currently, Ohio is one of 36 states that require a front license plate. Despite being a part of this majority, Ohio is surrounded by states that do not require a front license plate.

The debate on whether to keep front license plates or eliminate them was a heated one leading up to the bill. On one hand, opponents of front license plates argue that drilling holes in vehicles to install the plates reduces the value of those vehicles. It is also becoming a more difficult task as new technology is added to vehicles.

The main group supporting the continuation of front license plates was law enforcement. The existence of two license plates on vehicle makes it easier for law enforcement officers to identify stolen vehicles, or those with outstanding warrants.

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Nevertheless, analysts expect that Ohio could save approximately $1.4 million a year by eliminating the need for a front license plate. As such, the new bill received a majority support in Ohio’s legislature.

The new transportation laws for Ohio go into effect on July 1, 2020. In addition to the removal of the front license plat requirement, Ohio’s gas tax is set to increase $0.105 per gallon, to help with infrastructure repairs across the state.

News Source: Dayton Daily News