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Ohio Department of Transportation Wants To Remind Everyone to NOT DO THIS

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In Ohio, it is probably safe to say that most of us don’t pay a ton of attention to our Department of Transportation unless to chuckle at some of the slogans that it puts on its message boards or to complain bitterly when something goes wrong. However, ODOT actually has a happy little YouTube page, posting videos pretty frequently on all things having to do with transportation in Ohio.

ODOT posted a gem on June 5.

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For a little context, the intersection of Gender Road and U.S. 33 is in the city of Canal Winchester, a short little jaunt down the highway from our distinguished capital of Columbus (and by weird coincidence, also standing along the route I took a couple times to reach college in Athens). U.S. 33 is a crowded route at this point as it passes through the suburbs.

For those who can’t watch the video, here’s a brief summary. When the driver became annoyed with the speed of traffic (the highway went from three lanes to two with an on-ramp just afterward, leading to a stop-and-go jam), he or she decided that there was nothing for it but to escape up a nearby entrance ramp.

However, you can’t just drive headlong up an entrance ramp! Cars don’t face that way on the ramp!

So, this driver did what they felt they must to blend in with the onrushing cars: face the same direction.

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He or she reversed the SUV all the way up the long entrance ramp and backed into an intersection…

…then decided to double down and drive in reverse through traffic…

…to the parking lot of a nearby Kroger.

It is very unclear why the driver did so. An ODOT spokesperson speculated that maybe the vehicle had transmission problems, which I suppose is as good an explanation as any (although that doesn’t really explain why they would drive all the way past several parking lots and through traffic), as the ODOT added drily in the video description, “Pro tip, if your vehicle isn’t running properly, pull safely to the side of the road and call for assistance.”

I guess saying “Don’t drive backward up an on-ramp and through traffic like a maniac” was a little too on the nose.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident, so we can laugh about this, but seriously, don’t do what this person did. They are very lucky that nobody was hurt.

News Sources: Ohio Department of Transportation via YouTube, WCMH-TV