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One-of-a-Kind ‘AUTOPORTRAIT’ Exhibit Currently on Display at Cadillac House

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The “AUTOPORTRAIT” art installation can been seen at the Cadillac House until November 4th

Have you ever wanted your portrait to be drawn by a robot? Cadillac is giving you the chance…
Photo: © General Motors

When the General Motors Company first opened the Cadillac House in New York City back in June, the automaker issued a press release announcing that it had agreed to partner with art and culture magazine Visionaire in order to display large-scale interactive installations, which would rotate at the location every quarter.

The newest of these installations is “AUTOPORTRAIT.” This unique attraction is actually a robot artist that can draw the face of any visitor, while they sit down and watch the sketch come to life. The robot that is performing the sketches is similar to the machines that Cadillac uses in its factories to perform the welding on its vehicles. However, this particular robot that’s currently being featured at the Cadillac House has been coded to behave as a human-like artist.

Officially named ADA0002, this machine can complete each sketch in as little as 10 minutes and the exhibit is free for anyone to experience. Furthermore, this robot artist was named after Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), who’s considered to be the first ever computer programmer.

The “AUTOPORTRAIT” installation first premiered at Cadillac’s global headquarters on October 12th and will continue to be displayed until November 4th. In addition, there currently are no plans to display “AUTOPORTRAIT” anywhere else after its run is over at the Cadillac House.

On top of viewing all of the unique art that’s featured at the Cadillac House, guests will also get a chance to view the newest luxury vehicles offered by the American automaker, such as the high-performance CTS-V sedan, XT5 crossover, and the new CT6 flagship model.

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