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OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance Has You Covered

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Beginning five years ago, thieves across the United States lamented the installation of OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance in General Motor’s newest vehicles. Today, the system continues to aid public safety officials in returning stolen vehicles to their rightful owners.

OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance

OnStar provides its services for most GM vehicles from the 2009 model lineup to the present. The Stolen Vehicle Assistance technology offers three services to subscribers that have helped officials recover almost 250 stolen vehicles.

GPS tracking allows for fast identification of the car’s location, enabling police officers to quickly arrive on the scene.

As law enforcement closes in on the stolen vehicle, if the suspect refuses to surrender the car, officers can call OnStar. The Stolen Vehicle Slowdown tool will gradually slow the stolen car to a stop, avoiding a high-speed chase and assisting in the apprehension of the vehicle and the perpetrator.

The Remote Ignition Block tool prevents a suspect from starting a stolen car after it has been turned off.

For the past five years, OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance system has proven its track record for aiding public safety efforts and giving GM’s car owners peace of mind; it will continue to do so for many more. Car thieves, you have been warned.