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Opel Astra Success Driven in Part by IntelliLux LED Matrix Light

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Opel Astra hatchback

Opel seems to have found a winner in the Astra.

Among the list of Astra accolades and achievements is the fact that it has earned the title of Opel’s bestselling model in 2016, is second place in the compact segment across Europe and in the compact retail segment in 2016, and picked up a host of international awards including the Golden Steering Wheel and the European “Car of the Year 2016” award.

Reasons for the Astra’s success include the award-winning IntelliLux LED matrix light technology, which has become one of the most sought after options available for the Astra. In Germany, every third Astra is ordered with the highly efficient and high performance lighting system, while in neighboring Switzerland, approximately 45% of Astra buyers choose the feature. Further, 40% of vehicles intended for the Alpine republic come with the innovative lighting technology, and is featured on 37% of Astras in Finland and Sweden. Most impressive of all, however, is Norway, where a massive 84% of new Opel Astra cars on the roads are ordered with the feature.

“We are obviously delighted with the success of the IntelliLux LED matrix light,” said Opel Vice President Sales & Aftersales Peter Christian Küspert. “It is further proof that our principle of democratizing technology by providing innovative and affordable solutions is finding its mark with the customers. I must compliment our engineers on this highly effective system that provides outstanding night time performance enhancing safety for the driver and those around them.”

The LED matrix system consists of 16 LED segments—eight on each side of the vehicle—and constantly adapts the length and distribution of the light beam to each unique traffic situation. For example, the high-beam lighting is automatically switched on once the vehicle exits an urban area, benefiting Astra drivers as well as other drivers on the road, as the light dims when it senses another vehicle’s lights approaching.

The IntelliLux LED also provides a special highway light mode that further increases safety at night, and has a considerably longer running life than headlamps with halogen or xenon lamps.

In addition to the lighting feature, the higher trims available for the Astra, “Dynamic” and “Innovation,” has also proven popular with car buyers. Since the European “Car of the Year 2016” was launched, over 60% of Astra buyers have chosen to go with the higher trim choices, giving them access to luxury features including a leather steering wheel, adjustable armrest, and fog lamps, to name a few.