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Opel to Launch Seven New Vehicles in 2017

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Opel "7 in 17" logo

Opel announced some big news on Monday. No, not that it has made progress with its ridiculous Grumpy Cat calendar, but the announcement of its “7 in 17” new vehicle onslaught.

If the name were not suggestive enough itself, “7 in 17” indicates Opel’s plan to release seven new vehicles next year alone. Opel previously announced plans to launch 29 new vehicles between this year and 2020; in order to get there, it will produce its largest single-year new product offering ever.

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“With these seven new models for 2017 Opel will become a completely different brand within the next 12 months,” said Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “We are making electro-mobility feasible for everyday driving with the Ampera-e. The second-generation Insignia shows a new elegance, lightness, and athleticism. And with the equally-new crossover vehicles in the B and C segments, we are extending our portfolio in a decisive area, which will give our growth significant additional impetus.”

A camouflaged Opel Insignia Grand Sport is tested ahead of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

A camouflaged Opel Insignia Grand Sport is tested ahead of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Most of what Opel announced should come as little or no surprise. The Ampera-e is arguably the headliner, offering a 500 km (New European Driving Cycle) electric range and a surprising amount of style.

Three of the seven new vehicles will slot in under the Insignia banner: the Insignia Grand Sport will act as the brand’s sleek new flagship, the Insignia Sports Tourer will emphasize larger interior utility and a sporty exterior, and the Insignia Country Tourer promises to be a hit with those who desire a thoroughly modern wagon. The new Insignia will also receive the next generation of IntelliLux LED matrix lighting.

The next-generation of the Vivaro van makes five, and then six and seven stand out for being a bit less certain. Opel announced that the new Crossland X will join the new MOKKA X at the beginning of next year, and added that an “especially sporty crossover model” will join the Astra and Zafira in the C-segment.

Opel is likely to release details on each individual model as release dates approach, so stay tuned throughout the New Year.

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