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Order Your Uber.. via Snapchat?

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Have you ever been on Snapchat, seen someone post their story at a cool restaurant and thought, “Wow, I’d like to go there right now.”

Well, Snapchat and Uber have joined forces to make it so you can order an Uber directly from the Snapchat app.

The social media channel recently announced the addition of Context Cards. This feature will allow users to swipe up on a post (if the restaurant is tagged), and book their reservations and an Uber ride there in one go.

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“Anytime you can connect people with what interests them and connect them with more information and more opportunities, there’s usually a business there,” said Evan Spiegel, CEO and cofounder of SNAP, Snapchat’s parent company.

From the outside looking in, this appears to be an attempt by Uber to create positive headlines for the brand. Uber has been at the forefront of several scandals lately, causing many customers to switch over to Lyft. Snapchat is a popular platform, and by partnering with them, Uber is working to reestablish a form of credibility.

However, Context Cards are not just to book Ubers and make reservations. Context Cards give you lots of information about the restaurant, including Yelp reviews, the menu, their hours, and more. It makes it quick and easy for users to learn more about a restaurant that their friends or celebrities they follow are visiting.

Whether or not Snapchat users will decide to book instant Uber rides to meet their friends, only time will tell. But giving users more information about the geo-tagged places is a pretty cool addition to the photo-messaging app.

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