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Organization Tips to Optimize Wait Time in Your Car

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Cleaning Car Interior

Sometimes your day is a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait, especially if your day includes retrieving a loved one from the airport. You could be biding time in the cell phone lot for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more if your loved one’s flight has been delayed or baggage claim does not go according to plan. If you find yourself with a few or a ton of minutes just sitting in your car, instead of indulging in some screen time on your phone, why not turn your focus to organizing your cabin? You’d be surprised how quickly you can alter the look of your interior in just a few minutes.

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First tackle the mess you can see, like the candy wrappers, empty cups or assorted trash that’s littering your cabin. If you have kids, the backseat could be a disaster zone, but with a focused attack, you can round up the broken crayons, stray pieces of paper, discarded homework assignments and food-assorted trash currently covering your backseat. If your center console morphs into a catchall for receipts, loose change or stray napkins, clear it out. Open your glove box to see if that needs organizing or de-cluttering. Organize your car’s official papers and if you tend to keep expired insurance information in the car, it’s probably time to file those papers in your home‘s file cabinets or shred if way out of date. Keep your most important papers — current insurance card, registration, list of emergency numbers and contacts — together so you can access the information easily.

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If you’re still waiting on your loved one to emerge from the airport, you could tackle the mess in your trunk. But, if you’ve done a good job cleaning up your interior, you’ve earned yourself some much-deserved screen, nap or daydream time. Save the mess in your trunk for another day.