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Owner of ‘Get Your Fix Automotive’ Arrested for Illegal Drug, Gun Charges

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Sometimes, a pun is just too good to resist. However, not all wordplay is made equally, so rather than chuckle, federal agents arrested the owners of “Get Your Fix Automotive” for would allegedly selling meth, heroin, or cocaine to waiting customers while fixing their cars.

The auto repair shop caught the attention of the FBI when agents realized the shop with the goofy name was owned by a man named Daniel Vasquez, who had previously been convicted of four felonies, including three drug-related charges (the last of which was for “escape,” according to court documents). The FBI then set up a series of sting operations between March and August.

During these, according to court documents, FBI agents took videos showing Vasquez selling them meth, heroin, and cocaine in various amounts, culminating in one operation on St. Patrick’s Day where an undercover agent met Vasquez at the shop (he is identified easily, since he was wearing a t-shirt with “Daniel” written across it), where he sold the agent 52.9 grams of heroin and a purple handgun.

The gun is an additional no-no since Vasquez, with his felony convictions, is forbidden from owning guns. The agents then searched his home on August 31st with a warrant and found another handgun.

Vasquez faces up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000 if convicted on the gun charges, though he pleaded “not guilty.”

It just goes to show that sometimes, our own desire to make puns can be our greatest enemy. That, and selling a bunch of drugs. That’s not good either.

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