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 The News Wheel Holds Full-Size Sedan Challenge Holds Full-Size Sedan Challenge

Full-size sedans only accounted for 3.5 percent of new car sales through the first seven months of 2013, but despite their relatively insignificant market impact, automakers put a lot of effort and money into redesigning and marketing them. Virtual Reality: Check out Hyundai’s virtual look inside the 2017 IONIQ Hybrid Ford and Toyota completely redesigned […]

 Aaron Widmar

20 Best Car-Themed Baby Names for Gearhead Parents

20 Best Car-Themed Baby Names for Gearhead Parents

Being a parent–and giving birth to a child–is an incalculable amount of work. So it’s your prerogative to give your child a cool name. Sure you’re picking out the name that will be inextricably linked to their identity for the rest of their life, but why not choose something that also holds special meaning to you, the parents? […]