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Pearl Harbor Buick Reaches $73,700 at Auction

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Even if you’re not a classic car enthusiast, there’s something magical about the history and heritage that go along with vintage models. It’s the reason that even those who have no interest in cars in general will probably enjoy a day out at a classic car show or auction. Classic cars can bring in millions at auction, especially if they have a solid history associated with them, so it was no surprise that the Pearl Harbor Buick reached a cool $73, 700 at auction over the weekend, according to the Roanoke Times.

Pearl Harbor Buick

The Pearl Harbor Buick
Photo: Roanoke Times

The Pearl Harbor Buick is actually a 1939 Buick Special Convertible Coupe 46C with Dynaflash 8, which originally belonged to DeForest “Dee” Venter, who was a sailor from Connecticut. The vehicle was parked at Pearl Harbor on the day of the Japanese attack against the United States—December 7th, 1941. Although the attack devastated the area and killed more than 2,400, the Buick made it through completely unscathed. Venter was friends with George Bullard, a fellow sailor, and when both men were sent off to war the Buick went to George’s wife, Mary.

Mary Bullard owned the car for over 30 years, eventually selling it to her cousin A.C. Wilson. Wilson restored the car and proudly showed it off at parades and shows during the time of his ownership. It was recently that Wilson decided he needed to sell the Pearl Harbor Buick, allegedly in order to settle some debts. Many people bid for the car online leading up to the actual auction, although Tom Beasley of Stuart, Virginia was the eventual winner of the auction.

We’re happy to see that the Pearl Harbor Buick will continue its life with its new owner. After coming through the 1941 attack unharmed, we’re sure it could survive anything!

News Source: Roanoke Times