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Photographer Patrick Hoelck Interviews Actor Norman Reedus in Video Series Sponsored by Ram

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Because celebrities always drive bikes through the snow in New York City

Because celebrities always drive bikes through the snow in New York City

Viewers of The Walking Dead will have to wait until the second half of the show’s seventh season premieres on February 12 to learn more about the fate of fan-favorite character Daryl, played by actor Norman Reedus. In the meantime, they can learn more about Reedus himself thanks in part to Ram.

Photographer Patrick Hoelck recently interviewed Norman Reedus during a video series sponsored by Ram.

The series, named An Interview, is made up of seven-minute videos during which Hoelck interviews various celebrities, takes their photographs, and, of course, drives around in a Ram Rebel.

Obligatory shot of the Ram Rebel

Obligatory shot of the Ram Rebel

“My show is like a biography in seven minutes,” explains Hoelck at the beginning of the video. “I ask the questions that connect with my guests on a human level and create their portrait at the same time.”

The first episode in the series can be viewed below:

During the video, Hoelck meets up with Reedus to take a series of pictures of the actor. In between the photo shoots, Hoelck asks Reedus a number of different questions, ranging from the basic to the philosophical.

Reedus reveals details about his early days of being an actor and how acting in a hit series like The Walking Dead has changed his view of his own career. Reedus also revealed that if he could have dinner with any three people, it would be Howard Stern, Salvador Dali, and Cleopatra, making for quite the unusual dinner party.

Norman Reedus Picture

Reedus probably contemplating why he invited Howard Stern to dinner

Reedus is the first of six celebrities set to be interviewed by Hoelck during the series. The celebrities chosen to be interviewed were selected due to the reflecting the rugged and free-spirited nature of the Ram Rebel.

Keep an eye on An Interview to get a more in-depth look at some of Hollywood’s biggest rebels.

News Source: WhoSay