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Photographer Piotr Degler Captures Vintage Appeal of “Cars of Cuba” in New Book

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How to get your hands on a visual slice of automotive history

Carros de Cuba photography book of classic antique cars

It’s not uncommon knowledge that Cuba’s streets are saturated with classic cars from past decades. Due to the four-decade-long ban on imported vehicles that prohibited new cars from entering the market, Cuba’s roads and neighborhoods feel like they’re frozen in time.

Carros de Cuba photography book of classic antique carsBut Cuba isn’t just a dusty junkyard full of rusty old cars– it’s a luscious, picturesque location filled with vividly colored buildings, lively communities, and charming locals. There’s awe-inspiring beauty seeing antique models juxtaposed by Cuba’s setting.

If you’ve never seen this wondrous sight, award-winning photographer Piotr Degler has captured its beauty and spirit through his work. His upcoming book Carros de Cuba (or Cars of Cuba) gathers an entire portfolio of breathtaking, artistic images of vintage models in their exotic surroundings. The book raised funds for production via Kickstarter.

Explore the Pages of Carros de Cuba

For an entire month, Spanish/Italian photographer Piotr Degler traveled to the island to capture the most fascinating Cuban cars. He’s compiled this visually striking photo collection into a new book. Having spent his life photographing production models, concept cars, and antique vehicles for many international publications, Degler has developed a skilled eye for finding breathtaking vignettes and preserving them in artistic ways.Carros de Cuba photography book of classic antique cars

“Visiting Cuba has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid, because of my love for classic and American cars,” explained photographer Degler. “Finally I took my ‘travel through time’ and it became a reality.”

Carros de Cuba is an exquisite 300-page collection of 200 high-quality photographs with accompanying text in English and Spanish. The cover is even real cloth with foil stamping! It looks like a a fantastic gift for any lover of history, cars, photography, or other cultures. Plus, it’s projected to ship this spring.

Now that laws are relaxed and Cubans are able to import new cars, the prevalence of well-kept, antique cars will probably fade, so it’s reassuring to know that Piotr Degler has given us a memento to keep that memory alive.

Cars of Cuba Photo Gallery by Piotr Degler