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Pink Jeep Tours Offer Adventure, Excitement for American Southwest

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Pink Jeep Tours

If you intend on visiting the American Southwest for a vacation, strongly consider booking an afternoon with Pink Jeep Tours.

In business, it is important to stand apart from your competition.  Employing a catchy jingle, imprinting a lasting image, or utilizing an unmistakable trademark are all keys to drawing the eyes of consumers.   For fifty years, Pink Jeep Tours has been boggling the minds of tourists in the American Southwest, though not all of the awe factor comes from sights such as ancient ruins, Diamondback Gulch, and the Grand Canyon.  A lot of that wonder comes from the tour vehicles themselves, which as the name states, are each a fiery hue of pink.

Pink Jeep Tours has been servicing adventure-seekers in the Southwestern U.S. for more than fifty years and attracting new travelers each tour season with their unique Pink Jeep vehicles.  Their mission statement: “Through our commitment to the environment, customer service and company values, we strive as a team for the highest level of service and success in the adventure tour business. We sell fun and education, creating lasting memories!”

Started in 1958 by Don Pratt, who had been influenced to color his touring vehicles pink by a visit to Henry Kaiser’s “pink paradise” on Waikiki Beach, the Sedona tours have been a tourist favorite for half a century.  About.com’s Judy Hedding, an experience Pink Jeep Tours enthusiast, recommends the fabled Broken Arrow tour as a must-do experience for those looking to take in some of Arizona’s natural beauty.

The Broken Arrow tour takes approximately two hours and lets tourists scramble over the famed red rocks to drink in sights such as Submarine Rock, Chicken Point, and the “Road of No Return.”  For those looking to experience the unique quality of Pink Jeep Tours outside of Sedona, the company also offers tours in Las Vegas, NV and Scottsdale, AZ.

Pink Jeep Tours of Las Vegas offers everything from the natural beauty of Eldorado Canyon and Red Rock Canyon to the shiny sights of Sin City while also providing full-day tours that journey into Zion National Park in Utah and Death Valley National Park in California.  Pink Jeep Tours Scottsdale offers a five hour tour through the Sonoran desert, Tempe Town Lake, and Desert Botanical Garden among other breathtaking sights.  Each arm of Pink Jeep Tours has Grand Canyon tours for those looking to experience one of the true wonders of the wide world.

If you intend on visiting the American Southwest for a vacation, strongly consider booking an afternoon with Pink Jeep Tours.  We suspect that once you arrive, it will be nearly impossible to forget given that those Jeeps will certainly be so hard to miss.