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Crazy Person Flies Plane Over Ford World HQ With Banner Begging for a GT

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Plane Over Ford World HQ

Photo: Twitter

In its application for the GT supercar, Ford notes that it lends special consideration to influencers of public opinion. Whereas most would take this to mean genuine celebrities like John Cena and Justin Verlander — or even hack comedians like Tim Allen — one as-yet unidentified individual took this to mean “person who flies a banner over Ford World Headquarters.”

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According to The Detroit News, a prop plane was seen flying over Ford World Headquarters on Dec. 3, trailing a banner that read: “Is a Ford GT in my future? #GoingFurther”. Presumably, the pilot of the plane has the $450,000 or so necessary to purchase a Ford GT, otherwise the whole stunt is kind of for naught.

Oh, wait. About that. According to Ford North America Product Communications Manger Mike Levine, Ford has “no way to identify the potential customer who would like to own a Ford GT.” Perhaps the individual could have flown a second banner with their email address, phone number, income, and all that good, pertinent information.

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Ford reopened applications for the Ford GT in November after announcing an extended run of 350 additional vehicles to meet the overwhelming demand. Of course, the idea of building 350 more of something where the original application process saw some 6,000 turned away is kind of like offering a keychain to folks who missed out on a million-dollar lottery.

The deadline on the second round of applications for the Ford GT ran out on Dec. 7. Womp womp to the thousands who won’t get one.

News Source: The Detroit News