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Porsche First Half Sales Increase 8 Percent

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Porsche First Half Sales Increase 8 Percent

2015 Porsche Macan S

Porsche is reporting that the company sold 87,800 cars in the first half of 2014, which is good for an 8 percent increase over last year’s numbers during the same period. Porsche also saw their revenue grow by 16 percent to 8.2 billion Euros (US $11 billion) and operating profit grow 8 percent to 1.4 billion Euros, which is equivalent to a 17 percent return on sales. As of June 30, 2014, the company has a record 21,326 employees, which is 3,178 more employees more than in 2013, or an 18 percent increase.

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Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT at Porsche AG,  said that Porsche intends to achieve, at the very least, the same financial results this fiscal year as they did in 2013, despite their commitment to an ambitious investment program they are calling “Strategy 2018.”

“The resulting depreciation and rising labor costs pose an ever increasing burden on our results. Add to this the very high expenditure for research and development, in particular in connection with reducing fleet carbon emissions,” Meschke said.

Some of those investments include 700 million Euros being put into the main Zuffenhausen plant, where a new body assembly line, training center, engine factory, office and new service buildings are being built. Another 500 million is going to Leipzig, where the Macan luxury SUV is built, and an additional 150 million is going to a new design studio, wind tunnel and electronics integration center at Weissach.

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