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Possible GMC Jeep Wrangler Competitor in the Works

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GMC Jeep Wrangler competitor

The Wrangler could soon be in for a little healthy competition

The Jeep Wrangler is a true icon of the American auto industry. For years, the vehicle has attracted all kinds of drivers with its off-road prowess, vintage touches, and rugged looks. And now, we’re learning that a possible GMC Jeep Wrangler competitor could be a thing in the near future—at least, if Buick-GMC VP Duncan Aldred has his way.

Aldred was, after all, brought on-board to help change the face of the flailing brands. Upon consideration of GMC’s current offerings, he came to the conclusion that the brand needed a Wranger rival, as well as a new flagship luxury SUV which would be positioned above the current flagship Yukon Denali. Although the big boys at GMC are brainstorming the necessity of these two new models, nothing is set in stone yet.

GMC Jeep Wrangler competitor

The 2015 Canyon is the beginning of GMC’s new, improved lineup

So what would a GMC Jeep Wrangler competitor look like? We’re using our imagination here, but we’re envisioning something sporty with epic off-road handling that looks different enough from the Wrangler to really help distinguish itself and stand out from the crowd. Currently, GMC’s lineup is mainly concentrated on the Sierra and Canyon pickups, as well as numerous truck-based SUVs in the form of the Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon. Adding a Wrangler-type vehicle would certainly help draw a younger crowd to the brand, which could only help in getting sales figures up in coming years.

News Source: Edmunds